5 Ways to Maintain Your Patio Furniture

Moisture, rain, harmful UV rays, and other elements all contribute to the longevity of your outdoor furniture. They are exposed to these elements every day. Aside from that, they also need to withstand temperatures fluctuations and harsh weather conditions.

Without proper care and maintenance, they can get damaged easily. You’ll end up getting expensive repairs or buying new outdoor furniture.

To help you protect your outdoor furniture, our experts at Rockingham Patios gave simple and easy tips on how you can help your outdoor furniture last longer.

Cover It Up

Daily exposure to direct sunlight and rain will damage your outdoor furniture. To prevent your outdoor furniture from getting damaged, you can cover them with water-resistant vinyl patio furniture covers that will also protect them from harmful UV rays. Another option is to install a roof on your patio.

Investing in furniture covers will also save you time from cleaning pollen, bird droppings, and dust off of your furniture.

Another way to protect your furniture is by investing in a patio roof. This will be permanent protection for all your outdoor furniture. In addition, it will make your family comfortable relaxing or hanging out on your patio.

Choose Waterproof Furniture

When choosing furniture for your patio, you should keep in mind how the weather is in your area. You should opt for materials that are proven to withstand humidity and rain. There are a lot of options to choose from like wood, plastic, or metal.

Clean Your Furniture and Fabrics Regularly

No matter what kind of material your outdoor furniture is made of, regularly cleaning it will help it look good for the years to come. Simply wipe the furniture with a damp cloth to remove dust and debris. Periodically washing the cushions with mild detergent and a soft-bristle brush will also do the trick.

Seal Wooden Furnitures

If you have wooden furniture, make sure to seal them with a fresh coat of oil such as teak oil to protect them from getting damaged due to the weather. Choosing a UV-blocking sealant will further prevent sun damage.

Clean and Scrub Your Patio Umbrella

Your patio umbrella needs maintenance too. Wash the cover with mild soap and use a soft-bristle brush to remove dirt, debris, and dust. If the frame of your umbrella is metal, you can spray lubricant on its spritz. If it’s a wooden frame, you can shine it with paste wax.

Remember to completely dry the umbrella before closing it or folding it up.


Your outdoor furniture is exposed to all kinds of elements every single day. With extra care, you can prevent your furniture from getting severely damaged. Aside from that, you’re helping extend the life of your furniture by years by just following our quick and easy ways to maintain your outdoor furniture.

Here at Rockingham Patios, we offer solutions to protect your outdoor furniture. We have a wide selection of roofing options specifically designed to protect your outdoor furniture and keep you protected from harsh elements.

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