How to Have an Energy-Efficient Outdoor Space

When it comes to having an energy-efficient, sustainable, and eco-friendly home, most homeowners focus on indoor improvements such as installing double glazed windows, insulation or changing the light bulbs.

It’s time to consider your outdoor space when you’re planning to have an energy-efficient home. From your lawn, garden, patio, or swimming pool area—there are lots of ways to save on electric and water bills!

Here are some tricks on how to improve your outdoor space:

Opt for Solar-Powered Lights

Changing your outdoor lighting is the most simple way to have an energy-efficient outdoor space. You can opt for solar-powered lights to save on electric bills. Solar lights are powered by the sun and will automatically charge during the day and they can light for up to 10 hours.

Have Timers and Sensors for Water and Lighting

Another way to reduce the energy consumption in your outdoor space is to set timers and sensors. You can set a timer on when your patio lights will turn on and off. A motion sensor light will also help reduce your electricity bill since it will only turn on when needed.

If you have a pool or pond at home, programming when your pump will turn on and off will save a lot of energy. Pool pumps take up about 18% of your monthly bill. This means it uses more electricity than your washing machine and dishwasher. choosing a solar pump with a timer will reduce the running costs while keeping the water clean and healthy.

You can also set timers on your sprinkler system to water your garden and lawn. This will help you save on water bills too. You can also use timers on your security lightning.

Invest in Insulated Patio Roofing

When it’s summer, the sun’s heat will bounce on your roof’s surface causing it to be very hot. This means you’ll need to use a fan just to keep your patio cool. An insulated patio roofing helps in keeping heat away from your patio. This means that your patio will be cooler and more comfortable to relax on. It also helps lower your electrical bill because you won’t need to use fans when you’re outside.

Here at Rockingham Patios, we offer various kinds of insulated patio roofs. Our patio roofs are made of high-end materials. Aside from being energy-efficient, insulation patio roofs have many benefits such as termite protection, climate control, and it increases your aesthetic appeal!


An energy-efficient outdoor space is one of the easiest, most cost-effective, and fastest ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save money. Using the simple tricks that we listed will significantly reduce your monthly electric and water bills. There are other ways to have an energy-efficient outdoor living space that we did not list here.

If you’re looking to improve your patio, we have a reliable and experienced team at Rockingham Patios that can help you transform your patio! We can help you have an energy-efficient outdoor space while making sure to maximise every space.

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