How to Choose the Perfect Dining Set for Your Patio

Outdoor dining is a good investment and an additional entertainment area in your home. Nothing feels more magical than dining on your patio.

To create a perfect outdoor experience, you need to consider choosing the best outdoor dining set that will work for you. We know how challenging it is to choose from a variety of tables and chairs

That is why we created a guide to help you in choosing the best dining set for you and your family.

Consider Your Space

Your outdoor dining table will be the centrepiece whether you like it or not. The first thing to consider is how big the space is. Not all patios have the same sizes. Luckily, dining sets also vary in size.

The size of your dining table will also depend on how big your party size is. Even if your dining table is not fully occupied all the time, it’s better to have extra seats to make it easier to move around and relax.

Most traditional dining tables are 28 to 30 inches in height. If you want a cocktail vibe, a lower table is ideal.

Choose Comfortable Chairs

While it’s not wrong to consider aesthetics, you should prioritise comfort. You don’t want people to feel uncomfortable when hanging out in your outdoor dining area.

When choosing chairs, it should match your dining table’s design to have a classic and seamless look.

Here are some things to consider:

Chairs should match your table’s height

Choose a colour or design that will complement your outdoor space and dining table

Space for people to move around

Select the Right Materials

Since dining sets come in a variety of materials, you would want to consider the following:


When selecting furniture, we consider durability, aesthetics, and comfort. An outdoor dining set is an investment, that’s why you should choose the one where you’re most comfortable.


Not everyone has time for constant sanding, washing, and staining outdoor dining sets. Some low-maintenance materials are recycled polymer, powder-coated aluminium, and all-resin wicker.


Of course, everyone wants furniture that will last for a long time. Teak is one of the most durable outdoor furniture of all time. The teak is dense with a high oil concentration. This makes it weather-resistant and insect-resistant.

Dining Set’s Weight

Heavy furniture stays in place and won’t get blown away by strong winds. However, heavy furniture is not easy to rearrange. If you’re concerned about lifting your dining set, then choose lightweight but sturdy materials.


When choosing outdoor furniture, always prioritise comfort over aesthetics. It would be awful if your back starts hurting after a few minutes when you’re trying to eat or relax at your dining table.

With our simple guide, we hope that you’ll end up with the outdoor dining set that will suit your preference and needs!

At Rockingham Patios, we specialise in building and installing patios. Our team is highly qualified and trained to give the best results to our clients. If you need more information about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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