Getting Your Outdoor Furniture Ready for Winter

Your patio goes through a lot during summer and autumn. Before winter comes, your patio will need proper maintenance to be prepared for another season change. Since your patio will be exposed to moisture, excess water, and freezing temperatures, it can trigger the growth of moulds, fungus, and mildews. Aside from that, moisture and excess water can greatly damage your patio.

Knowing how to properly take care of and maintain your patio during winter will decrease the chances of having to deal with expensive repairs in the future. For you to be prepared when winter arrives, here are some of the simple ways to maintain your patio during winter:

Cover Outdoor Furniture During Winter

The easiest way to protect your outdoor furniture is to place them in storage. However, if you have limited storage space, you can still protect your outdoor furniture from excess moisture, debris, and freezing temperature by using furniture covers.

Furniture covers are made of polyester and come in different sizes to fit any outdoor furniture. Although, keep in mind that the build-up of debris and leaves creates breeding found for mould and mildew on outdoor furniture during winter.

Reseal Your Patio for Winter

Most patios will need to be resealed after a couple of years. If you haven’t resealed your patio in a while, it’s best to reseal your patio before winter. Resealing will protect your patio from getting damaged due to excess water and freezing temperatures.

Don’t Forget to Apply Water Repellent

If you have a wooden patio, you should apply water repellant to protect it from moisture and increase its longevity. If you didn’t apply water repellant and winter already passed by, the water will penetrate the gaps and cracks of the wood and will eventually rot or become damaged.

Make Sure Surface is Clean

Autumn and winter increase dust and debris built-up. Not to mention, the huge amount of leaves that fall during Autumn. To keep your patio clean and prevent stains, sweep away dirt and debris from your patio. This will also prevent the formation of fungus, algae, or mould.

It’s also recommended to check for any signs of damage or rot before winter comes. This will help you save money on repairs because if untreated, your patio will become more damaged during winter due to exposure to moisture.

Don’t Let Snow Pile Up

Your patio should always be clean and dry during winter. Snow can damage the wood and can cause the formation of mildew and moulds.


Season changes can damage your outdoor features such as your deck or patio. That’s why you should know how to prepare for winter to prevent damages. If you notice that your patio is showing signs of damage before winter, we recommend having a professional check it for you.

Do you have cracked or loose planks on your patio? Here at Rockingham Patios, we can inspect or repair your patios just in time before winter! Having a professional repair of any damages will save you from costly repairs when the time comes.

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