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When deciding if your outdoor space needs an addition, a deck would make for a good choice. As a functional and stylish extension to your home, there are different advantages to having a deck that include an additional space to relax or hold activities with friends and families. Decking is generally made with hardwood due to how sturdy it is but it can also be made with aluminum depending on whether it can be applied to your property. Before you can decide on what type of deck you would like however, there are some things to consider for the installation process. At Rockingham Patios, we can design and build your dream deck and more outdoor home structures.

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Consideration Points for Decking

The first thing to know when deciding what kind of deck you would like is that there are a range of options that you can go for in terms of materials and they all fall under two categories, hardwood and softwood decking. Whatever type you decide to go for, the more popular materials chosen for decks include: 

  • Ironbark
  • Blackbutt
  • Fijian mahogany
  • Spotted gum
  • Treated pine
  • Merbau

Once you have the type of deck you would like in mind, you will need to consider how you would like it set up. Determining how you would like the deck to be positioned can ensure a seamless transition from your property to the outdoor space. If you are unsure on what placement would work best, choosing a professional service can ensure that your deck is a balance of functionality and aesthetic. 

The position of your deck can also be determined by how big you would like it to be. A deck should have enough space to accommodate your needs. Should you want to have your deck double as a cookin/BBQ space, you can have a service incorporate solid walled areas to support benches plus other features like storage cupboards and utensil drawers. After determining your deck size and placement, you will need to consider its other features including external stairs, roofing, and blinds. 

Among the different features you can have with a deck, external stairs are one of the first things to consider if needed when determining your deck’s look. Stairs will  impact the size of the deck, and the requirements for additional landings/footings etc. The roofing may depend on the design of the deck and how watertight/weatherproof and insulated you would like it to be. 

For an accurate assessment on the roof’s shape and height, you may need to do a professional consultation. As for the blinds, you may need them for privacy or afternoon/morning sun protection. Aside from the noted features, you may also want to decide on a balustrade and what material it will be. If you are still unsure on what deck you should have, you can be assured that a professional service like Rockingham Patios will help determine what deck works best for you.

Choosing Rockingham Patios to Install Your Decking

We at Rockingham Patios can ensure that all your patio needs are met with quality service and assist in determining how to best implement your decking plans. From the deck style to how to have it transition the property to the outdoors, our carpenters will have all your ideas noted while delivering a deck that not only acts protection from weather conditions but meets your outdoor needs like having activities and entertaining guests. Are you interested in what other carpentry services we can provide you? Then you contact us via our hotline or email.