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There will be times that a property does not have a garage or space to secure a vehicle for storage. In cases like this, an alternative garage area for your vehicle is carports. There are a variety of benefits to this structure and when designed right, it can not only protect your vehicles but should also provide an increased road presence for your property. While this structure has different options to choose from and benefits to gain, there are also points to consider when installing a carport. Our professional teams at Rockingham Patios can help you make your dream carport.

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Advantages and Considerations for Carports

A carport has a variety of roofing styles to choose from depending on the style you would like to have. Among the different styles, a gable or curved roof structure is encouraged due to its increased ridge height. It also utilizes colored side beams and colored rafters to provide ample clearance. If you want something that is more affordable, a slat scallion-type roofing would work best as the focus will be more on the post material/wall solutions selected. Other roofing options you can go for include the following:

  • Pitched Style Roofing
  • Dutch Gable
  • Hip Gable
  • Colorbond Corrugated Carport roofing 
  • Outback Deck Roofing
  • Cool deck Insulated Roofing

When considering what type of carport you would like to have, there are three points that you will need to note. The first thing you need to determine when selecting a carport is the position you would like to have the structure on your property. The moment you have this confirmed, you will need to determine the size of the structure on your property, especially when it comes to the clearance height that will be needed for your vehicle. 

Once you have the style and space determined, there may be requirements to check on as well. As an open space structure, you may need privacy on one side only, or a roller door on the front. A recommendation for this would be the inclusion of aluminum or timber slats, solid walling, and blinds. 

In terms of its benefits, there are three main things that a carport can deliver on. Like any outdoor structure, it provides protection against different elements like rain and hail damage. Your vehicle can also be safely sequestered from any heat exposure. With the vast range of designs and colors to choose from, you can either have it present a unique style or have it match your property and further add to its visual appeal. Lastly, a carport can be a versatile structure that can also accommodate motorhomes, motorbikes, caravans, boats, and jet skis.

Why Have Rockingham Patios Install Your Carports

By choosing to have Rockingham Patios to install/work on your carports, you can be assured of quality service with reliable professionals that you can consult your ideas and plans. We understand that each home is different and may have different carports types to fit them. Whether you would like to have a carport with gable roofing and polycarbonate roof sheets for its material or otherwise, we will do our best to meet your carport needs at a budget-friendly rate. Should you wish to learn more on our carport service, you can contact our number to start a consultation.