How to Choose the Perfect Dining Set for Your Patio

Outdoor dining is a good investment and an additional entertainment area in your home. Nothing feels more magical than dining on your patio. To create a perfect outdoor experience, you need to consider choosing the best outdoor dining set that will work for you. We know how challenging it is to choose from a variety […]

Getting Your Outdoor Furniture Ready for Winter

Your patio goes through a lot during summer and autumn. Before winter comes, your patio will need proper maintenance to be prepared for another season change. Since your patio will be exposed to moisture, excess water, and freezing temperatures, it can trigger the growth of moulds, fungus, and mildews. Aside from that, moisture and excess […]

5 Tips for A Perfect Outdoor Living Space

Are you tired of your plain and outdated outdoor space? It’s time to spice things up and transform your outdoor space and make it more functional and welcoming. Just like your indoor living space, your outdoor space also deserves the same kind of maintenance and care. Transforming your outdoor space will improve the overall appeal […]

Is Insulated Patio Roofing a Good Investment?

Your patio is an important part of your outdoor living space. When homeowners are planning to improve their outdoor patio, one of the hardest decisions is which type of roofing to choose. Here at Rockingham Patios, we usually have two options—an insulated and non-insulated patio cover. Patio roofing provides more comfort when spending time outdoors […]

How to Have an Energy-Efficient Outdoor Space

When it comes to having an energy-efficient, sustainable, and eco-friendly home, most homeowners focus on indoor improvements such as installing double glazed windows, insulation or changing the light bulbs. It’s time to consider your outdoor space when you’re planning to have an energy-efficient home. From your lawn, garden, patio, or swimming pool area—there are lots […]

5 Ways to Maintain Your Patio Furniture

Moisture, rain, harmful UV rays, and other elements all contribute to the longevity of your outdoor furniture. They are exposed to these elements every day. Aside from that, they also need to withstand temperatures fluctuations and harsh weather conditions. Without proper care and maintenance, they can get damaged easily. You’ll end up getting expensive repairs […]