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We are the most reliable and most complete patio installation services in Rockingham for more than 13 years.

We are Rockingham Patios, a team of highly competent, adequately trained, and certified designers, contractors, and builders of patios and pergolas in Rockingham. We design and deliver high-quality, pergolas and patios that are perfect for your home. From round to gable or curved – we have a variety of shapes and sizes! With insulated options available too in addition to uninsulated ones; you’re sure to find the right product here at our company. We also offer freestanding decks as well flyover designs so no matter what kind of decking needs one might have (including anything between), they can easily get it done without ever having left their own backyard again. For more than 13 years, our team has continued to provide patio solutions that work on all ranges of budget and accommodate constraints without compromising the quality of work. We have built a reputation for top-notch workmanship, professionalism, and cost-effective.

Patios have the ability to transform your yard from a boring garden to one that your family and friends can enjoy. It is perfect for those who have limited yard space because it provides an area where you can bond with each other while enjoying the landscape and the cool breeze of air. However, it is highly important that your patios and pergolas are constructed properly. Otherwise, they will be a waste of resources and hard to clean. Here at Rockingham Patios, our team is the best in the field. They know what they are doing and they definitely can deliver results that you will be satisfied with. So, if you are looking for a patio designer and builder, call us today so one of our experts can explore with you all the different options that you can choose from!

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Our Patio Services

Over 13 years of experience, our team has designed and installed hundreds of patios in Rockingham. Whether you need a pergola or decking service we can provide both with custom work for your specifications based on what’s best suited to suit the needs at hand!

Patios provide an amazing and enjoyable living area in an outdoor setting where you and your family can bond and make memories in.

A pergola transforms your backyard and entertainment area for you to enjoy all seasons adding luxury and comfort in your garden.

Carports are a great alternative to a full garage if you are on a tight budget. It is a perfect way for you to protect your cars from harsh elements.

Decks add a feeling of comfort and coziness to an otherwise boring outdoor living space. It also provides elevation that allows you to enjoy nature more.

We build patios that are high-quality long-lasting cost-efficient

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What Our Clients Say

The Rockingham Patios team was great to work with. They listened carefully and offered helpful suggestions when we were unsure about how our project would turn out, which made us feel more confident that this was the right company for us! The end result of their hard work is beautiful - well worth every penny spent on it!
Mike Brosnan

Patio Specialists in Rockingham

It can be overwhelming when you consider everything that goes into a project. This is where we come in! We’ve been helping clients with these types of projects for over 15 years, and are experts at getting through all the necessary steps to make your vision become a reality. No successful project gets completed without dealing with council approval, company selection, design decisions…and so on. That’s why our team has helped clients like your get their new dream backyard built or taken care of renovations from start to finish successfully–we know how important it is not only for your peace of mind but also because this will help us provide long term solutions too!

As a company that genuinely cares about its clients, we always make sure every project is completed to their 100% satisfaction. We install patios, pergolas, carports and more – providing an excellent experience from start to finish.

Our Guarantee

Patios Rockingham takes great pride in offering the highest quality, competitively priced outdoor living spaces with up to a 25-year structural warranty. Patio installation is an art and we have two skilled installers who specialize in it! We are also trained builders that understand residential & commercial constructions as well as holding a strong team of tradesmen–all qualified, licensed, insured. To date we’ve completed thousands of happy clients’ projects throughout Rockingham. Call us today for your free quote!

Our Team

We’re all-around, go-to professionals for everything from commercial construction projects to custom design outdoor living spaces. Our company is insured and certified as well as licensed in most states. If you don’t want a lackluster patio or decking project, then call our team today!

Our Process

Why settle for a patio that’s only used on sunny days? Instead, invest in a durable outdoor space such as one from our family-owned business. We specialize in designing and building patios to meet your needs, whether you have kids or pets who need shaded areas, want some natural shade without any plants to maintain (or just get overrun by) creepy crawlers; if you’re looking for an alternative spot at the school where they have no cafeteria – we can help! Whether it be small decks with built-in benches or large expansive spaces similar to what homeowners might find themselves wanting when entertaining guests outdoors during those summer months: we’ve got something perfect suited for everyone.

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Patios in Rockingham

Patios are an awesome and beautiful way to improve the aesthetics of your home. It allows you to pave more space in your backyard or front garden where you and your family can comfortably enjoy the outdoor space. There are different things that you need to consider when having a patio built for your home.

Firstly, you have to decide what type of paving materials do you want for your patio’s floor. The most popular options are wood, natural stones like limestone, granite, and travertine, or concrete. On top of that, you also have to decide whether or not you want your patios to be elevated with a deck or if you want it covered with a beautiful wooden or concrete pergola. With so many options, design inspirations, and combinations of materials to choose from, there will always be one design that will fit your home’s aesthetics and your preferences.

However, the design of the patio is only half the story. The other half has everything to do with the quality of work when building it. In the hands of a skilled builder, your patio will last long and will be easy to maintain. In contrary, when it is made by someone who doesn’t know what he is doing, you will end up wasting resources as it will require consistent renovation. Thus, if you are looking for competent patio builders, you don’t have to look far. Call Rockingham Patios today to learn more about our offering and for one of our experts to walk you through the different options we have for you!

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Pergolas in Rockingham

Pergolas are a beautiful way to transform your backyard and outdoor entertainment area no matter what the season is. A pergola is a great way to add shade and shelter in your outdoor space, but it can also be aesthetically pleasing. There are many different types of pergolas that you could choose from depending upon what look or feel that you’re going for – whether rustic chic with logs galore, country classic straw bales surrounded by flowers on all sides; there truly is something here perfect just waiting out there. You can use different materials to create a fascinating pergola structure. Some of the most popular are wood (timber), steel, and sometimes concrete.

No matter what material you use to build your pergolas with, it is still highly important that you build them the right way. In the hands of skilled builders, you can have beautiful and durable pergolas without having to compromise with price or ease of maintenance. Here at Rockingham Patios, we build cost-effecient and top-notch pergolas that will not only meet your expectations but will exceed them. Our team is trained and

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Carports in Rockingham

We all know that having a full garage can sometimes be very costly. That is why if you are looking for a less expensive alternative to protect your cars from the elements, carports are perfect for you. In comparison to garages that offer 360-degree protection for your car because they are fully enclosed structures that include a door and large shutter that gives you and the vehicle access, carports are structures that at least have two open sides. It will still keep rain and sun away from your vehicle.

Having a visually appealing carport is one thing, you also have to make sure that your carport is durable and high-quality, especially that its main purpose is to protect your car and vehicles from the elements. So, if you are looking for a competent team to build one for you, call our hotline today so one of our experts can discuss with you all the options and alternatives you can choose from for your new carport!

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Decking in Rockingham

With decking, you can add an extension to your home that is both stylish and functional! Decking comes in many different materials but the most popular type of material for decks are hardwoods because they offer durability as well as beautiful aesthetics. Keep these things in mind when designing your new outdoor addition: does it get enough sunlight throughout the day?, will this be used primarily by kids or adults?, what size do we need based on our budget? As always, Rockingham Patios has all the answers so don’t hesitate to give us a call at (678) 555-5545 before making any final decisions about installing decking around your property today!

One thing to consider when designing your deck is whether or not you want external stairs. External steps will impact the size of the deck, requiring additional landings and footings depending on how many tiers there are in a given design. The roofing can also depend on what kind of look you’re going for with your exterior staircases: if it’s snow-covered more often than not then maybe an insulated roof would be best!